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Videos from your images, text, and audio

By editing pictures, graphics, text, etc. to an audio narrative, simple but effective videos can be affordably created. Even a Power Point or other presentation can be used to create videos. The audio can be something you record, a script you provide, or just music.

With the right script and visuals, a very effective video can be affordably created. Check out an example I did for a real estate campaign in the Denver, Colorado area.

Example video produced from images, etc.


COST: $195.00 for First Video
$95 after that
Max Images: 10
Max Video Clips: 2
Max Audio Clips: 1
Max Words In Script: 120 Words
Max Text In Video: 500 Words
Animated Text: No
Upload # Sites: 1
Max Revisions: 1

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Don't already have videos? Be sure to check out several video production options from simple one minute videos to full scale video productions.

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