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Fast and Cheap
You talk on video and I edit

Have a video camera?
I will edit your footage into a professional video.
The most affordable way to get a message on the Internet is to talk to a video camera and have the raw footage processed for the Internet. This service includes trimming the front and end of your video, adding a title screen, strategically overlaying your web site address, and end with a call-to-action screen sending people to a sign-up site like Facebook or blog. Each video is uploaded to one site of your choice (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, DropBox, etc.) where you can add a description and send it out to the world!

Example of Fast and Cheap video


COST: $175 for first video
$75 after that
Max Finished Length: Five (5) Minutes
Max Images: 2
Max Video Clips: 1
Max Text: 100 Words
Animated Text: No

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