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Produce Five Independent Videos from Existing Video/DVD

If you already have a longer video or DVD that you want to repurpose for an online campaign, I can review and excerpt up to five shorter magnet videos complete with an intro and call-to-action. A magnet video is simply a video on the Internet designed to attract prospects. They do not have to be as fancy as the home page video and are general short (1-2 minutes), single talking point videos with a call-to-action to visit your campaigns home page.

I will take your DVD, online video, or other videos and create five independent videos at once. Or you can outline five talking points and then simply narrate your messages onto your video camera or smartphone and I will edit. Even a Power-Point presentation can be turned into videos for a sustained social media marketing campaign.


COST: $625 for first five Videos
$85 each Additional
Max Finished Length: Five (5) Minutes Each
Recommend 1-2 Minutes
Max Images: 4
Max Video Clips: 5 Video Clips or DVD. Up to hour total footage.

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Be sure to check out several video production options from simple one minute videos to full scale video productions.

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